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SEO Services

You can get to the top of the search engines with good design and some smart SEO!

Where we start with search engine optimisation.

  • Evaluate your existing website, look for SEO mistakes and omissions, and  to gain insights into your market and aims.
  • Make sure of the website’s mobile device display compatibility.
  • Domain name selection – often this is not an option but sometimes  changing the domain name can be very helpful,
  • Keyword research – using your knowledge of your target audience to investigate keywords and key phrases to give an accurate focus to the search engine optimisation process.
  • Seriously consider if a totally new website is required. Often it is cheaper and more effective to start again.
  • Investigate existing links and the opportunity for quality, industry specific in-bound links,
  • Look for loading speed improvements, caching, optimising images and other resources for  quicker website response times.
  • Make sure the basics are done properly ~ sitemaps, robots text file, website statistics set up, no broken links and so on.

There are many other factors we’ll discuss with you as well.

And remember that if you need a new website, a total website re-build or just friendly people to deal with then just call!